Effective Search Warrant And Arrest Warrant Representation

A strong defense against criminal charges can begin with an analysis of an arrest warrant or search warrant. We help people take back control in these situations.

Arrest Warrants

If there is a warrant for your arrest, we can help you control the conditions under which you are taken into custody. Many people may not be sure whether they have an active warrant for their arrest. We can help you determine if one exists or not and then help you secure the most favorable terms for your surrender, including the possibility of being released on bail or bond.

Search Warrants

Too often the police fail to do all of the work they should to support a search warrant. The police use confidential informants who should not have been trusted or who might not even exist. Often they simply fail to gather and present all of the evidence that should be in place before a search warrant is issued.

We hold the police accountable for defective and illegal search warrants. If you have been arrested, a key part of your defense may be questioning the validity of the search warrant that led to your arrest.

Experienced Lawyers — Ready To Fight For You

At Zeman & Womble, LLP, our firm goes through all aspects of your case to find the weakest link that we can exploit to get you the best result. Inadequate police work on a search warrant is far too common and can be a huge opportunity to stop the case against you before it starts. We know how to deal with arrest warrants to secure the best terms for our clients, including release on bail or bond. We provide effective representation to people on arrest and search warrants as part of our comprehensive approach to defending our clients.

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Search Warrant/Arrest Warrant Attorneys Serving Brooklyn And The New York City Area

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