Client Stories

I was facing life in prison. Thank God I had Ken Womble as my attorney. He poured his heart and soul into my case. After 2 years at Rikers I walked out a free man. He really connected with the jury. I would rate him as over 100%.

J.H., Bronx, NY

Mr. Zeman did outstanding work for my son who was facing very serious charges. I watched the whole trial and was very impressed with his efficiency and professionalism. His insight on all the material on his case was truly astonishing. He has been very pleasant, courteous and helpful in his dealings with us. It goes without saying that I would definitely recommend him to friends and family. Many thanks for everything.

NDM, East Flatbush

I want to thank Mr. Z for doing a great job of defending me. He walked through my case like he was right there to see it and showed the jury how innocent I was. To keep it short, Mr. Z is the man you need to hit the stand. Thanks again.

LB, Brownsville

I had a serious case and I was going through a tough time. The offer the District Attorney was making was outrageous. It was a very stressful situation. Luckily my defense attorney was Benjamin Zeman. He was on point, on his A game and on time. He handled my case very well and I am a free man today because of him."

R.F., Bronx

I had a case where I was looking at serious upstate time. Mr. Womble was with me every step of the way. He never stopped fighting for me. He really works for the client. I always knew he was the guy - the court officers even told me he was the guy. I wound up getting time served. I would recommend him to anyone I know that needs an attorney.

C.F., Brooklyn

I have known Mr. Womble since 2011. Ken is a caring and highly dedicated professional lawyer who gives his time to his clients. There were times when I had no hope but I believed in him. To this day, he played a major role in my life and also my family's. Mr. Womble is one of the most exceptional lawyers you can ask for. He supports his clients and fights on their behalf. He believed in me.

J.W. - Dyker Heights, Brooklyn