Case Results

In a court of law, there is no certainty. The guarantee that we provide is that no one will work harder for you. The partners of Zeman & Womble LLP, have achieved remarkable results. From convincing a judge to release a young client charged with a serious felony, to standing down the NYPD to achieve a client's freedom, we stand behind our work. While our previous results do not guarantee future success, we promise to give your case the attention to detail and critical insight that has helped us win in the past.

Your case needs an attorney who will fight every step of the way. We have never backed down from a fight.

A Sample Of Our Previous Victories

Client charged with attempted murder for allegedly shooting an acquaintance at Brooklyn's Wet Fete Festival. Despite testimony by five witnesses and medical evidence, Mr. Zeman convinced the jury to follow the law and acquit his client of all charges.

Young client being detained at the 84th Precinct was charged with assaulting numerous officers while being handcuffed to a bench. Although the Captain of the precinct and former Police Commissioner Ray Kelly were personally involved in the "investigation," Mr. Womble convinced the jury that this was not an assault but police cover up. His client was found not guilty of all charges, and he walked out of court a free man.

Client arrested and charged with selling crack cocaine to an undercover police officer. Prerecorded money and drugs were allegedly found on the client at the time of arrest. At arraignment Mr. Zeman was able to successfully argue for the client's release and the case was dismissed within months.

Client charged with attempted murder for allegedly shooting the complainant in the face in broad daylight. Mr. Womble hired an expert to examine the accuser's medical records and discovered that it was impossible for his injuries to have been caused by bullets. Following Mr. Womble's aggressive opening statement, the DA decided to dismiss all charges, and the client was released.

Client was previously convicted of attempted robbery following a trial. After spending over two years in prison, the conviction was overturned on appeal. At the second trial, Mr. Womble exposed recorded communications between the officers on the day of the robbery, which said that the victim had been robbed by a man with blonde hair. The client had jet black hair. The jury acquitted the client of all charges in less than half an hour.

Client charged with attempted murder for allegedly shooting his nephew in their home after an argument. Despite only the nephew and Mr. Zeman's client having been present at the scene and the fact that the nephew had been shot twice; by destroying the credibility of the complaining witness and lead detective, Mr. Zeman convinced the jury that the complainant had shot himself (twice). His client was found not guilty of all charges.

Client charged with committing a gunpoint robbery. After another lawyer tried the case and the jury was unable to reach a verdict, Mr. Zeman took over and relitigated the case. During the trial, Mr. Zeman effectively exposed the difference between a mere accusation and proof beyond a reasonable doubt, and the jury found his client not guilty of all charges in less than an hour.

Client was charged with serious assault after 'snapping' and burning her child with a pot of boiling water. Following months of advocacy and negotiations, Mr. Womble finally convinced the DA to allow his client to engage in an intensive, family-centered program instead of facing years in jail. She passed the program with flying colors, was reunited with her children and her case was dismissed.

These are just some of the thousands of cases we have handled in our careers. Every case has a story. Tell us yours. Contact us today for a free consultation.