Domestic Violence Charges And Orders Of Protection

Unlike most other crimes, people can begin to feel punished for domestic violence almost immediately after being charged. The consequences of an arrest for domestic violence include not:

  • Being unable to return to your home
  • Being unable to contact the person you are said to have harmed
  • Being unable to see your children
  • Being unable to possess a firearm

Orders Of Protection

You may be facing these and other restrictions on your liberty through an order of protection. One of the major problems people face when they are subject to an order of protection is that they do not understand it and they fail to follow it. Failing to follow the conditions of an order of protection is a crime itself. Something as simple as leaving a voicemail on the complainant's phone or sending an email can be considered a violation for which you will be facing additional consequences. You must strictly follow the conditions of the order of protection to which you are subject.

The Impact On Family Law Matters

Divorce and decisions regarding child custody can be affected by allegations of domestic violence. You deserve to have your family law case considered in the best light, not sullied by accusations of violence in the home.

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At Zeman & Womble, LLP, our firm understands the complexities that can be part of a domestic violence case. From children to shared ownership of the home and the possibility of violating the order of protection, there are many issues that can create difficulties while we are building a defense for you. Our attorneys bring decades of combined experience that includes work as a domestic violence prosecutor and as public defenders. We are known for our ability to generate positive results for our clients both inside and outside the courtroom.

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